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Solstice Hammock Down Underquilt

Solstice Hammock Down Underquilt

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Product Size: 200cm*120cm/79"*47"
Package Size: Φ18cm*28cm/7"*11"
(The dimensional tolerance for down-filled products is ±5%.)

Weight: 850g/30oz
Temperature: 20°F-40°F/-6°C-5°C

Shell Fabric: 20D 400T 1.1oz Graphene Nylon Fabric
Lining Fabric: 20D 400T 1.1oz Graphene Nylon Fabric
Filling: FP800 Duck Down Feather

Accessories List
Double End Stuff Sack
2 Carabiners

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Product Description

The Onewind Down Underquilt is a great choice for camping in the desert, a thru-hike in the woods, or a blitz around the mountain trail in winter. This is designed to keep you snug and cozy even when it's freezing. It has an adaptable suspension system that can be used with almost any hammock. Easy-to-reach shock cords give you unparalleled temperature control for warmer or colder nights.  

Graphene Fabric Shell and Lining:

Superior Insulation You Can Count On. Providing warmth and insulation from underneath, the Onewind Outdoors Down Underquilt is the perfect hammock accessory for cold nights. The shell and lining are made with our premium 1.1oz Nylon Graphene fabric which is breathable, water resistant and has excellent heat retention.

Graphene is a strong and durable material that consists of a single layer of carbon atoms that are tightly bonded by strong chemical bonds making graphene 200 times stronger than steel.

It helps improve the resistance to wear, abrasion and tearing and is also the perfect fabric for a down underquilt as it provides greater thermal and electrical conductivity.

It is also non-toxic, anti-bacterial, hypoallergenic, and non-cytotoxic. Due to its various properties, graphene finds its application in a wide variety of clothing.

We apply such high-quality materials to Onewind's Down topquilt products as well.

Down Feather

Warm and Comfortable. Stay warm from head to foot with the Onewind Outdoors Down Underquilt.  It's overstuffed with FP800 Duck Down for an increased loft and compressibility. It can withstand temperatures as low as 20 °F-40°F/-6°C-5°C for superior warmth and performance.

Onewind Outdoors is concerned with the environmental and animal welfare impact of our products thus our Duck Down filling is certified through the Responsible Down Standard®program.

Baffled Box Construction 

Our Down Underquilt is constructed using a special sealed baffled box design which helps prevent the down from shifting from box to box within your underquilt, trapping more air and thus keeping you cozy and warm. This construction also maximizes the loft of your underquilt and will provide you with years of comfort and warmth. 

Draft Collar

The Onewind's down-filled underquilt includes draft collars for extra warmth. It is designed to wrap around the top of your chest and around your shoulders like a collar to seal in heat and prevent warm air from escaping when you move around at night. 

Full Length Down Underquilt. Lighten your pack and improve your sleep with its ultralight design and premium materials.

This down underquilt features long vertical baffles to keep the down locked into place for additional comfort.

It measures 200cm*120cm/79"*47" which is longer than most underquilts in the market for full coverage. Despite its length, this down underquilt only weighs 850g/30oz  so it can lighten your pack and improve your sleep while camping outdoors. 

Easy to Set Up - We remove all the guesswork to make setting up this down underquilt quickly and easily. Simply fasten the two carabiners on each end of the hammock and it's all set.

Adjustable - Fine-tune the position of your underquilt easily while lying down. It has a fully integrated suspension system to quickly adjust the quilt's height and tightness. You can also adjust the temperature with the shock cords at both head and foot ends for warmer or colder nights. 

Packing and Storage

Our 200cm*120cm/79"*47" Down Underquilt compresses into a small, easy-to-store size that can be accessed quickly throughout your journey. It comes in a stuff sack that does not compress the quilt and allows airflow. The stuff sack includes cinch straps to compact it down and when packed, it measures Φ18cm*28cm/7"*11". so it's easy to store and lug in your camping bags wherever you go.