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Solitary Ultralight Single-Topped Inner Tent

Solitary Ultralight Single-Topped Inner Tent

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Package size: 30cm*Φ11cm/ 11.8"*4.3"
Weight: 0.5kg / 1.1lbs

Bugnet: light yet highly durable no-see-um mesh (1600holes)
Tent Floor: 40D nylon ripstop waterproof fabric

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Product Description

Lightweight and Compact for the Modern Explorer

Introducing the Solitary Ultralight Single-Topped Inner Tent, our latest innovation in outdoor gear. Weighing just 0.5kg (1.1 lbs) and packing down to 30cm x Φ11cm (11.8" x 4.3"), this tent is designed for adventurers who value both comfort and convenience. It's the perfect addition to your backpacking, hiking, or camping equipment.

single person inner tent

Unparalleled Protection Against Pests

Stay protected with the Solitary Ultralight Tent Inner, featuring a bug net made of light yet durable no-see-um mesh with 1600 holes per square inch. Combined with the 40D nylon ripstop waterproof fabric for the tent floor, it ensures a dry and insect-free environment for a peaceful night's sleep.

Spacious and Ergonomically Designed

Enjoy ample space with dimensions of 2.05 meters in length, 1 meter in width, and a maximum height of 1.15 meters. The single-top design creates a comfortable, airy space, ideal for solo travelers seeking serenity in nature.

Easy Setup and Convenient Access

The tent's design facilitates quick setup, letting you spend more time enjoying the wilderness. The easily accessible entrance, designed for convenience from both inside and outside, enhances the user experience.

360-Degree Protection with Optimal Ventilation

The tent's protective mesh offers complete coverage against insects while ensuring proper ventilation, keeping you cool and comfortable during your outdoor escapades.

Enhanced Shelter Functionality

Pair the Solitary Ultralight Single-Topped Tent Inner with Onewind "Solitary Ultralight Single-Topped Shelter" to create a comprehensive shelter system. This combination offers both rain and bug protection, ensuring you stay dry and undisturbed by insects.

Lightweight inner tent

Choose the Solitary Ultralight Single-Topped Tent Inner

For an unparalleled blend of lightweight design, protection, and practicality, choose the Onewind Solitary Ultralight Single-Topped Tent Inner. It’s not just a tent; it's your reliable partner for every outdoor journey, offering comfort and peace of mind in the heart of nature.