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Tropical Camping Hammock Single Person

Tropical Camping Hammock Single Person

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Size & Weight

Hammock Bed Size: 114"*55" ()290cm*140cm )
Packed Size: 11" x 4.3 " (Φ11cm*28cm)
Total Weight: 2.1lbs (Including: Tree Straps, Bugnet, Ridgeline, Cinch Buckles, Sack)
Hammock bed: 2.1oz Nylon Hexagon Ripstop
Max. Weight Load: 500 lbs

Bugnet Material: Polyester Mesh
Ridgeline Material: UHMWPE

Accessories List
Bottom-Entry Bugnet
2 Cinch Buckles
2 Continuous Loops
Adjustable Ridgeline
2 *12' Tree Straps
Double-Side Stuff Sack
Ridgeline Organizer

Setup Precaution

  1. Remember to insert loose end of tree straps into the elastic keeper
  2. Children under the age of 7 must use it under the supervision of an adult.
  3. While using the hammock, you can sit or lie down. Do not try to stand in the hammock, it is very dangerous. 
  1. The recommended distance from the ground to the bottom of the hammock is 15-50 cm
  1. All parts of the hanging suspension may become worn over time with extreme usage. Always be sure that your equipment is in good working order and not compromised in any way.
  2. To lengthen hammock life, do not place hard and sharp objects like rocks, scissors, keys on the hammock. Remove hard objects from your pockets that might go through your clothing and rip the hammock.
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Product Description

Whether you’re looking for a starter camping hammock or you need a comfy retreat in your backyard or beach, the onewind portable camping hammock is a great choice. This hammock hanging sleep system is perfect for younger family members or youth who want their own hammock. Enjoy camping, hiking, and backpacking with this portable outdoor hammock. Order yours today!

Onewind Youth Single Camping Hammock with Mosquito Net, designed specifically for kids and youth who crave outdoor adventures. Crafted from rugged, breathable, and abrasion-resistant 2.2 oz. 70D Hex ripstop Nylon fabric, this hammock is built to last.

Measuring at a spacious 115" x 55" (290cm x 140cm) and weighing in at a mere 2.5 lbs. (1.13 Kg), this hammock is perfect for young explorers. With a safety rating of 400 lbs., it provides a secure and comfortable space for their first hammock camping experience.

The unique feature of an adjustable UHMWPE structure ridgeline sets this camping hammock apart. The ridgeline runs between two buckles and can support a maximum load of 1500 lbs. You can easily adjust its length to customize the hammock's sag and find the most comfortable position for relaxation.

The bundle includes single-layer adjustable cinch buckle tree straps that are triple-stitched and measure 10' in length. With a load capacity of 2,000 lbs. each, they provide secure and reliable suspension. The continuous loops connect to the buckles, ensuring a sturdy setup. 

As a bonus, the UHMWPE ridgeline organizer adds further functionality to this package. The ridgeline organizer and lantern hanger enhance the camping experience, while the included stuff sack makes storage a festive affair.

Equipped with a removable bottom entry bugnet made of heavy-grade breathable polyester fabric, this hammock keeps tiny insects at bay. The bottom entry bug net cinches closed under the hammock using adjustable shock cord for added convenience. Ensures a peaceful and undisturbed sleep while protecting young campers from mosquito bites. This accessory bundle includes everything found in our adult-sized rigs, making it an incredible value for the price. 

Compact, lightweight, and portable, this hammock weighs just 2.1 lbs. and packs down to a size of 4.7" x 11". It fits effortlessly into a backpack, allowing kids to carry their hammock with ease. The double-sided stuff sack simplifies storage and setup, making outdoor adventures a breeze.

The Onewind Youth Single Camping Hammock with Mosquito Net is not only a reliable and comfortable choice for young adventurers, but it also features a vibrant bright green color. This bold and eye-catching hue serves a crucial safety purpose in the wild. In the event of an emergency, the hammock's bright color makes it easily visible, increasing the chances of a successful rescue operation. You can have peace of mind knowing that even in challenging situations, the hammock's conspicuous color will aid in locating and ensuring the safety of its occupants.

The Onewind Youth Single Camping Hammock with Mosquito Net is an essential component of the Onewind modular hanging sleep system. It's perfect for younger family members who want their own hammock, whether they're exploring the woods or relaxing in the backyard. With its exceptional quality and affordability, this hammock won't disappoint.