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Colossus Hammock Sync Bugnet for 2 Hammocks

Colossus Hammock Sync Bugnet for 2 Hammocks

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Floor:40D Nylon Ripstop
Mesh:no-see-um mesh with 1600 holes per square inch
Weight: 950g
Package Size: 38cm x Φ14cm

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Product Description

Introducing the Onewind Colossus Hammock Bugnet, your ultimate solution for double hammock setups, designed for couples or family campers. Enjoy the great outdoors without compromising on comfort or protection with our innovative, high-quality bugnet.

Key Features:

Designed for Two Hammocks
Perfectly accommodates two hammocks set up together, making it ideal for couple camping or family camping adventures.

Hammock bugnet for 2 hammocks

Pet-Friendly Design
Bring your furry friends along with ease. The convenient zipper allows for easy entry and exit, while the spacious interior and robust construction ensure a comfortable, insect-free environment for both you and your pets during your outdoor adventures.
Effortless Setup
No need to remove hammock ends. Simply pass the bugnet over the two hammocks and zip the door to the center. Quick and hassle-free installation, so you can spend more time enjoying nature.
Premium Materials
Crafted with 40D nylon ripstop for the floor and ultra-fine no-see-um mesh boasting 1600 holes per square inch. This combination offers exceptional durability and effective protection against even the smallest insects.
Integrated Storage Floor
The 40D nylon ripstop bottom doubles as a floor with a zipper, providing secure storage for your backpack or camping gear. With dimensions of 2m x 1.1m at the shoulder end, it maximizes space efficiency, keeping your belongings protected and easily accessible.

mosquito net for 2 hammocks

Three Convenient Entries
Features three entry points—one on each side and an additional entry on the bottom for pets or gear, ensuring easy access for everyone.

Perfect For:
Summer Hammock Camping Trips: Enjoy the warm weather while staying protected from bugs.
Bushcraft Outings: Durable and spacious design makes it an essential piece of gear for serious outdoor enthusiasts.
Upgrade your camping experience with the Onewind Colossus Hammock Bugnet—where comfort meets convenience. Get yours today and make your next outdoor adventure bug-free and enjoyable.