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Camping Fire Blowing Tube -3PCS

Camping Fire Blowing Tube -3PCS

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Pack: 3PCS
Material: Stainless Steel
Size: 13.2 cm/5.2" when closed
expanded up to 62.5 cm/25"

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Product Description

The Onewind Outdoors Telescopic Fire Blowing Stick makes it easier to start a fire, whether for a campfire, barbecue, or emergency survival fire. Its collapsible design ensures convenient storage and portability, perfect for any camping, bushcraft, or outdoor adventure.

Quick and Easy Fire:
Whether you need fire starters for a campfire, wood stove, or survival situation, the Onewind Outdoors Camping Fire Blowing Tube has you covered. This essential camping tool directs oxygen straight to the fire's core for quick and easy ignition, ensuring you can start a camp fire anywhere you are.

Lightweight and Telescopic:
Featuring a telescopic design with 6 small tubes, this fire-blowing stick can easily be adjusted to your needs. It measures 13.2 cm when closed and can be expanded up to 62.5 cm. When not in use, it can effortlessly fit into your gear bag or backpack for easy carrying and storage.

Camping Fire Blowing Tube

Durable Construction:
Crafted from premium stainless steel, our fire blowing tool ensures durability and rust resistance, making it a reliable tool for all your camping, bushcraft, and outdoor adventures.

Safe and Reliable:
Easy and simple to use, this telescopic fire blowing stick extends up to 25 inches, providing a safe distance to keep your face, beard, and eyebrows away from the fire. Designed with an ergonomic rim, it makes fire-starting comfortable and easy.

With the Onewind Outdoors Telescopic Fire Blowing Stick, you can enhance your camping, survival, and bushcraft experiences by making fire-starting quick, easy, and safe.