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Dyad Shelter Mosquito BugNet for Camping---No floor

Dyad Shelter Mosquito BugNet for Camping---No floor

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Size & Weight
Without Floor:
Weight : 0.35kg, 0.76LBS
Packed Size: 18cm*Φ12cm/4.7"*7"

With Floor
Package size: 35cm*Φ11cm/ 13.8"*4.3"
Weight: 0.73kg / 1.6 lbs

Woven Polyester Mesh

Accessories List
Stuff Sack

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Product Description

360-degree protection. It is exceptionally light and provides maximum airflow and great visibility while keeping flies, mosquitoes, and other pests out for ultimate relaxation. Designed with an asymmetric shape which means the apex is closer to the head end for more usable space.

Enjoy the great outdoors without the annoyance of mosquitoes and other pesky bugs with the Onewind Shelter Mosquito Net. Designed specifically for cowboy camping, this versatile bug net tent provides maximum protection and comfort during your camping adventures.

Versatile and Spacious of the Tent Mosquito Net

Whether you're camping under the stars or using a single-wall tent, the Onewind Shelter Mosquito Net is the perfect companion. Its asymmetric shape allows for easy hanging from a rafter in a lean-to or underneath various tents, survival shelters, tarps, or ponchos. With a peak height of 120cm/47", you'll have plenty of headroom to sit inside comfortably or change clothes.

mosquito net tent

Convenient Double-Sided Zippered Entrance

The camping mosquito net features a double-sided zippered entrance measuring 120cm*80cm (47"*31.5"). This spacious entrance allows for easy access in and out of the net, making it convenient to enter or exit your sleeping refuge without hassle.

360-Degree Protection Bug out shelter

Constructed from premium No-See Um polyester netting, this shelter bug net offers 360-degree protection against flies, mosquitoes, and other pests. The tightly woven polyester mesh with 880 holes per square inch allows for optimal airflow while keeping unwanted bugs at bay. Rest and relax in peace, knowing you're fully protected from irritating insects.

mosquito net for camping

Easy Setup and Adjustments of the outdoor mosquito net

Setting up and adjusting this outdoors mosquito net is a breeze, even in the great outdoors. Simply use tarp ridgeline, trekking pole, stones or branches to build your shelter, and take advantage of the reinforced tie-outs on each corner for enhanced stability. Quick setup and takedown make bug protection hassle-free, allowing you to focus on enjoying your camping experience.

It features 880 holes per square inch so you can rest easy in your hammock without those little Bugs getting in the way.

Convenient in opening and closing whether inside or outside the mosquito net.

The quick setup and takedown maximizes bug protection plus it includes reinforced tie outs on every corner for added stability.

Special design can hang lights to facilitate our activities at night

This sleep system is designed to be the lightest, fully enclosed bug protection that can be used. It weighs 0.35kg, 0.76LBS

Packs down small to Φ47"*7"/Φ12cm*18cm its maching stuff sack so you can take it with you when backpacking, camping, hiking or embarking on any outdoor adventure.

 Compact and Lightweight Outdoor Mosquito Net

When it's time to hit the road, the Mosquito Net for camping is adventure-ready. Weighing a mere 0.35kg (0.76lbs) and packing down to a compact size of Φ47"7"/Φ12cm18cm, it easily fits into the included stuff sack. Take it with you on backpacking trips, camping excursions, hikes, or any outdoor escapade. It won't weigh you down but will provide superior protection and peace of mind.

Ultralight TentUsing the Onewind Ultralight Shelter and Onewind Tent Footprint as a roof, you can have a complete shelter set. This combination provides the functionality and affordability of a lightweight tent for your camping needs.

Choose the Onewind Shelter Mosquito Net for superior protection and peace of mind on your next outdoor adventure. Embrace the great outdoors without the nuisance of insects and experience camping like never before.