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Down Gear Storage Sack for Quilts and Sleeping bags

Down Gear Storage Sack for Quilts and Sleeping bags

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Size: 80cm*45cm, Φ30cm

Weight: 70g

Material: Cotton-feel Polyester

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Product Description

Onewind's Down Quilt Storage Sack is your ultimate solution for maintaining the plushness and warmth of your down quilts and sleeping bags. Made from 100% polyester with mechanical spandex, this storage sack is durable, washable, and designed to keep your gear in optimal condition.

Key Features:
Semi-Wrapped Pocket for Cards: The sack features a semi-wrapped pocket that provides a convenient place for storing identification cards, making it easy to identify your gear.

Large Capacity: Designed to accommodate all temperature ratings and models, this storage sack is spacious enough to store any down quilt or sleeping bag, keeping them nice and lofted after your adventures.

Durable Material: Made from 100% polyester with mechanical spandex, the sack is durable, washable, soft, and fluffy, ensuring long-lasting performance and easy maintenance.

Secure Closure: The storage sack comes with a drawstring closure that provides a secure seal, keeping your gear safe from dust and pests while in storage.

Extend Gear Life: Proper storage helps to extend the life of your down quilts and sleeping bags by maintaining their loft and insulation properties.
Stay Organized: The sack aids in keeping your gear organized, making it easy to locate and identify each item with the built-in card pocket.
Ready for Adventure: By ensuring your down items are well-maintained, you can be prepared for any adventure, with gear that performs at its best.
Available for individual purchase, the Onewind Down Quilt Storage Sack is a must-have for any outdoor enthusiast looking to keep their gear in top condition. Stay organized, protect your investment, and enjoy the lasting warmth of your down quilts with this premium storage solution.

Onewind Down Gear

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The storage bag for down gear is a seasonal sanctuary for your quilts, offering ample space to prevent over-compression. By allowing your down gear to rest in a state close to its natural loft, the bag ensures that the insulating properties remain uncompromised, ready for the cold season's embrace.