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Hammock Cradle Bugnet

Hammock Cradle Bugnet

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Floor:40D Nylon Ripstop
Mesh:no-see-um mesh with 1600 holes per square inch
Weight and Size:
Weight: 0.6kg /1.3lbs
Package Size:11" x 4.7 " (Φ14cm*28cm)

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1. 360-Degree Insect Protection
Experience ultimate peace of mind during your camping and outdoor adventures with our hammock bugnet. Made with high-quality 40D nylon ripstop for the floor and ultra-fine no-see-um mesh boasting 1600 holes per square inch, this net offers unmatched durability and effective protection against even the tiniest insects.

2. Easy and Quick Setup
Set up in a snap without removing your hammock. Perfect for camping and bushcraft enthusiasts, our innovative U-shaped zipper design works like a jacket zipper. Simply attach the zipper at both ends of your 11/12ft gathered-end hammock and zip to the center.

3. Pet-Friendly Design
Bring your furry friends along with ease. The convenient zipper allows for easy entry and exit, while the spacious interior and robust construction ensure a comfortable, insect-free environment for both you and your pets during your outdoor adventures.

4. Versatile Storage Options
The 40D nylon ripstop bottom features a zipper, providing secure storage for your backpack or camping gear. This smart design maximizes space efficiency, keeping your belongings protected and easily accessible—perfect for summer hammock camping trips and bushcraft outings.

5. Enhanced Stability
Secure the top of the bugnet to the hammock ridgeline with snap buttons for added stability, ensuring a snug and secure fit, even in the great outdoors.

6. Lightweight and Compact
Weighing only 0.6kg (1.3lbs) and packing down to a compact size of 11" x 4.7" (Φ14cm x 28cm), this bug net is a must-have for backpackers, campers, and bushcraft practitioners who need lightweight gear that delivers exceptional performance without weighing them down.

Enhance your camping and outdoor experiences with this indispensable hammock bugnet.