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Camping Tripod Chair Pad for DIY-3PCS

Camping Tripod Chair Pad for DIY-3PCS

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Size: 39*35cm/13.77’"*15.35"
Weight: 115g/0.253lbs
Maximum Weight Capacity: 225 lbs

Material: 600D Polyester Recycled Oxford Fabric

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Product Description

Introducing the Onewind Camping Tripod Seat, your ultimate companion for outdoor escapades where space and weight matter. Crafted from sturdy 600D Polyester Recycled Oxford Fabric, this chair pad guarantees durability with reinforced stitching and corners, ensuring longevity even in rugged terrains.

*Please note that you will only receive a canvas seat pad and need to DIY by making the seat legs with branches. 

Versatile and Adjustable

Unlike conventional camping tripod chairs, our seat's height is adjustable, thanks to its innovative design that utilizes readily available sticks or wood around your camping site. Embrace nature's resources as you effortlessly assemble your seating arrangement with three sturdy sticks, providing you with a personalized, comfortable perch.

Unlike traditional camping chairs, our tripod seat offers adjustable height, courtesy of the ingenious use of natural materials found in the wilderness. With the included paracord 550 rope and your creativity, fashion sturdy legs for your seat using three durable sticks sourced from your surroundings.

Simplicity Redefined

Experience hassle-free setup with our camping tripod seat's straightforward design, allowing you to be seated in mere minutes. No complicated mechanisms—just grab three branches or sticks, fashion them into a stable tripod, and place the seat atop for instant comfort amidst the wilderness.

Featherlight and Portable

Weighing just 115g/0.253 lbs and measuring a compact 39*35cm/3.35"*1.78", our camping tripod seat is a breeze to carry along on your adventures. Fold it up effortlessly for convenient transportation and storage. Whether you're camping, hunting, or hiking, this chair pad is a hassle-free addition to your gear, folding up effortlessly for convenient transport and storage.

Robust and Supportive

With a weight capacity of up to 225 lbs, rest assured that our chair pad is built to withstand your outdoor escapades. The 600D Polyester Recycled Oxford Fabric construction not only offers durability but also provides water resistance, ensuring your comfort even in damp conditions. Reinforced pockets on each corner securely hold your makeshift legs in place, granting you peace of mind as you relax amidst nature's embrace.