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Bridge Hammock - Brickfielder

Bridge Hammock - Brickfielder

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Size & Weight
Total weight: 0.9kg/1.98lbs
Hammock Bed: 285g/10oz
Tree straps, carabiner, and whoopie sling: 185g/6.5oz
Spread Bar: 340g/12oz

Package Size: 45cm*9cm*9cm/18"*3.5"*3.5"
Hammock bed Size:
Head end: 110cm/43.3"
Length: 300cm/118"

Spread Bar Length: 107cm/42"

Single-panel 40D 1.7oz silnylon ripstop

Accessories List
1.07m Spread Bar
2* Hammock Dogbones for the shoulder ends
Additional Dogbone for the foot ends
Ultralight Tree Straps
2* 7075 Aluminium Carabiners
2* 1.5m Ultralight UHMWPE
Polyester Straps Webbing
2* Whoopie Slings

Setup Precaution

  1. Remember to insert loose end of tree straps into the elastic keeper
  2. Children under the age of 7 must use it under the supervision of an adult.
  3. While using the hammock, you can sit or lie down. Do not try to stand in the hammock, it is very dangerous. 
  1. The recommended distance from the ground to the bottom of the hammock is 15-50 cm
  1. All parts of the hanging suspension may become worn over time with extreme usage. Always be sure that your equipment is in good working order and not compromised in any way.
  2. To lengthen hammock life, do not place hard and sharp objects like rocks, scissors, keys on the hammock. Remove hard objects from your pockets that might go through your clothing and rip the hammock.
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Product Description

The Onewind Brickfielder Hammock is a comfortable, versatile, and durable hammock made from a single-panel 40D 1.7oz silnylon ripstop. Unlike traditional gathered-end hammocks, this hammock features a suspension bridge design that provides a more structured and open sleeping area off the ground.

This unique construction allows for a lighter weight and easier setup. The hammock's design also offers excellent comfort and support, making it perfect for camping, hiking, or lounging in the backyard.

Overall, the Onewind Brickfielder Hammock is a high-quality and innovative option for hammock enthusiasts looking for a unique and functional design.

Introducing the Onewind Brickfielder Bridge Hammock, a revolutionary camping hammock designed to provide unmatched comfort and support for a restful night's sleep. Unlike traditional gathered-end hammocks, our bridge hammock offers a unique design that keeps the hammock flatter and more taut, ensuring a truly flat sleeping surface.

Hammock Hangtime

Experience Unmatched Comfort with our Bridge Hammocks

Experience the FLAT OUT COMFORT of our Brickfielder Bridge Hammocks. Crafted with precision, this hammock features an innovative bridge design that sets it apart from the rest. Equipped with a durable aluminum spreader bar, it allows you to effortlessly switch between relaxation and sleep modes, maximizing your camping experience.

Bridge Hammock

Lightweight and Portable Hammock Design: Perfect for Backpacking and Hiking

Weighing in at only 1.98 lbs and packing down to a compact size of 45cm*9cm*9cm/18"*3.5"*3.5", our spread bar hammock is both lightweight and portable. It is constructed from a single panel of 40D 1.7oz silnylon ripstop breathable fabric, known for its durability, and comfort. Rest assured, every detail has been carefully considered to provide you with the ultimate comfort in the great outdoors.

Nylon Hammock fabric

The Advantage of a Hammock Spread Bar: Optimal Comfort and Stability

This tree hammock is designed with a single spread bar as a hammock frame, making it lighter and more convenient than those with two spread bars. With a shoulder spread bar measuring 1.07cm wide, the hammock with frame offers optimal comfort for resting and sleeping. Furthermore, it provides ample space for tall campers, ensuring a roomy and comfortable experience.

Hammock with Spread bar

Easy Setup and Takedown: Convenience in Your Backpacking Adventures

Setting up and taking down this backpacking hammock is a breeze. Simply use the ultralight tree straps included to hang the hammock, then separate the fabric with the spreader bar on the head end to open up more shoulder room. Adjust the curve or sag of the hammock to your liking, and you're ready to relax or slumber under the stars.

spread bar hammock

Enhance Your Camping Experience with a Lay Flat Hammock: Say Goodbye to Uneven Surfaces

The outdoor Bridge Hammock is accompanied by a comprehensive suspension package, ensuring a hassle-free setup. This package includes a 1.07m spread bar, two hammock dogbones for the shoulder ends, and an additional dogbone for the foot ends. To hang your hammock securely, the full set of ultralight tree straps is provided, complete with two 7075 Aluminium Carabiners, two 1.5m Ultralight UHMWPE and polyester straps webbing, and two whoopie slings for effortless length adjustment. For added protection against mosquitoes and insects, you can pair your hammock with the Onewind Brickfielder Hammock Bugnet, allowing you to enjoy a peaceful hangtime.

Hammock Tree Straps

Effortless Hangtime: Enjoying the Outdoors with Your Bridge Hammock

With the Brickfielder Bridge Hammock, the fabric won't fold up around your body, eliminating the need to lay diagonally. Enjoy a wide range of comfortable sleeping positions and achieve a truly lay flat position to sleep on hammocks. Elevate your outdoor experience with the Brickfielder Bridge Hammock - the epitome of comfort and innovation. Place your order now and take your camping and hiking adventures to new heights!