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Tarp Sleeve Snakeskin - 2 pcs

Tarp Sleeve Snakeskin - 2 pcs

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Size: 6' (long) x 5.9" (wide)*2
Size When Packed: 3.1 in (tall) x 1.6 in (diameter)*2
Weight (Include everything): 0.84oz*2

1.1oz Nylon Ripstop

Accessories List
2 PCS - Featuring two 6' sleeves
Drawstring Stuff Sack
12' Tarp Sleeve (Tarp Snakeskin)

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Product Description

tarp for onewind hammock

Effortless Tarp Handling:

This hammock tarp sleeve engineered with intuitive features for seamless spreading and gathering of your hammock tarp, simplifying setup and takedown with minimal effort.

Streamlined Storage Solution:

 Effortlessly collect your rainfly into the tarp sleeve while you relax in your hammock, offering complete coverage for your hammock rain cover during downtime, ensuring convenient storage and optimal protection.

onewind tarp for onweind hammock

    Protective Shielding:

    Provides robust defense for camping tarps against wear, tear, and environmental elements, ensuring prolonged durability for extended outdoor adventures.

    End-Pocket Convenience:

    The Tarp Snake Skin features convenient end pockets for storing guyline and hardware essential for setting up your tarp, ensuring easy access and organization of equipment.

    Secure Tarp Enclosure

    Equipped with a secure tarp enclosure featuring shock cord, guaranteeing a snug fit and added stability for your tarp setup in varying conditions.

    onewind tarp for onewind hammock
    onewind tarp for onewind hammock
    onewind tarp for onewind hammock
    Onewind tarp for onewind hammock
    Water-Resistant At the end of the tarp Package Small 1.1oz nylon ripstop-lightweight

     onewind tarp for onewind hammock

    Compact and Portable:

    Thoughtfully designed to be lightweight and easily portable, facilitating effortless transportation alongside other camping or outdoor gear, enhancing mobility and convenience during outdoor excursions.


    Onewind Tarp Sleeves are great alternatives to your camping tents, keep the sleeves permanently to attached the tarp's ridgeline and slide them down the tarp as you roll it up, including attached guy lines.