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TPU Transparent Tarp Patches for Camping Gears

TPU Transparent Tarp Patches for Camping Gears

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Size: 7 x 7cm/2.76 x 2.76"
Material: TPU
Color: Transparent
Removable: Yes
Washable: Yes
Storage: Store in a bag or container

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Product Description

Onewind Outdoors Repair Patches provides a simple and easy method of patching holes and tears quickly on your tarps and almost any outdoor and camping gear. Precut into 7 x 7cm round patches that are made from TPU which is flexible, versatile, and water-resistant making it the perfect solution for repairing worn-out, torn, or leaking camping gears. 

Now people pay great attention to outdoor sports. We run, row, and walk. We use a lot of outdoor equipment, and many times our equipment will be damaged due to careless use. So you need our Clear repair tape. Our TPU Repair Tape can be used in a wide range such as tents, shelters, hammocks, sleeping bags, etc.

Repairs Tarps in Seconds

Fix small holes in your tarp quickly and easily with Onewind Outdoors Repair Patches. It provides a simple method of patching holes and tears without the need for sewing or ironing.

Precut Tarp Patches

The patches are available in 7 x 7 cm patches that are made from TPU material that is strong, flexible, waterproof, and puncture-resistant so you can easily apply this to rips and tears in your tarp, tent, raincoat, footprint, and whole lot more.  

Easy to Use

The patches are easy to use with no sewing skills or heat required. Just peel off the paper and press it smoothly on a clean surface for the most convenient and easiest fix. 


Onewind 's Repair Patches can be used applied to nearly any piece of outdoor gear. It sticks to nylon, polyester, vinyl, rubber, neoprene, polyurethane, and canvas. The patches are great for strengthening, sealing, or repairing sewn seams on your stuff sacks, backpacks, tarps, and tents. It can also be cut into smaller patches for small punctures or tears. It is suitable for our outdoor life and can be used in tents, Air beds, Inflatable Boat Trampoline, Swimming rings, Awnings, etc. 

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