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HMWPE Tent Cordage Guyline--100ft

HMWPE Tent Cordage Guyline--100ft

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Package: 100ft/33m

Material: HMWPE

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Product Description

This tarp cordage is made of ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene (HMPE).

Package: 100ft/33m

HMWPE is a safer alternative to wire rope and is a better value for money. It is extremely high-strength, and lightweight, with high abrasion resistance and low stretch.

HMWPE fiber provides excellent solutions in outdoor sporting by floats and absorbs almost no water, popular with water applications; 7-8x stronger than steel by weight ratio, yielding extremely high strength in compact and lightweight. Weighs much less than nylon and polyester, and is also much less bulky, and convenient for outdoor carry.

It’s a material that’s commonly used to make body armor and climbing.

This is 8-strand hollow braid cordage. The diameter is 1.5mm and has a breaking strength of 250 pounds.