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      Onewind Hammock Topquilt Poncho

      Features of this multi-functional quilt

      Lightweight, Soft, and Smooth Shell and Lining Fabric:

      Both sides of the Topquilt (Shell and lining) are made of 20 Denier Ultra Lightweight Nylon Taffeta Fabric.

      Fabric Weight

      1.12OZ/Y2 (38g/m2) Soft, Smooth, and Lightweight.

      The fabric is down-proof cired so it has windproof and waterproof against small rain (same fabric we always used on down jackets).

      Washer/Dryer Safe

      Can be washed and dries quickly and easily, unlike goose down. Use of non-agitated, large capacity, front-loaded commercial washer suggested.

      Onewind Hammock Topquilt Poncho

      Filling: Bio-Based Fiber Made with DuPont™ Sorona® Synthetic Insulation

      Sustans® is a natural permanent 3D spiral fiber for heat preservation and has excellent loft and recovery from compacting. Motionless air can’t form heat convection, therefore, reducing heat loss. It has little effect from moisture, keeping your body warmer, dryer, and more comfortable in damp conditions. Superior compaction recovery with long-lasting effect for quicker heat retention. All this makes for a high warmth, high elasticity, comfortable hand feeling, and more consistent loft quilt that had a good feel and is durable, with good flexibility of use.

      Onewind Hammock Topquilt Poncho DuPont™ Sorona®

      Onewind Hammock Topquilt Poncho DuPont™ Sorona®

      Modular Foot Box

      The Onewind Topquilt also includes a convertible foot box that can be cinched with a drawstring when cold weather strikes, offering extra insulation and maximum protection against cold and drafts.

      Onewind Hammock Topquilt Poncho DuPont™ Sorona®

      Poncho/Extra Thermal Clothing Layer

      Use it as a poncho when just relaxing in camp near the fire or as an extra insulated outer layer if you’re running a cold camp.

      Use with Rain Poncho 1

      Put Onewind rain poncho on the outside of the Topquilt poncho. The rain poncho has windproof and waterproof functions, and the topquilt keeps you warm. This will keep you from cold even in the snowy winter.

      Use with Rain Poncho 2

      Onewind Rain Poncho is used as Shelter, and Topquilt is used as a sleeping bag.

      Onewind Hammock Topquilt Poncho DuPont™ Sorona®