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Camping Blanket 3/4 Size

Camping Blanket 3/4 Size

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Made with water-resistant 1.1 oz. 20D 400T nylon fabric, this soft and comfortable blanket weighs a mere 1.9 pounds with the included stuff sack and is rated down to 40°F. Heavy duty stitching and hardware ensure long life and durability. The travel blanket comes in two different sizes, large and 3/4. 

Light Weight Soft Smooth Shell and Lining Fabric: 

  • Both sides of the underquilt (Shell and lining) are made of 20 Denier Ultra Lightweight Nylon Taffeta Fabric. Soft and comfortable

  • Fabric Weight: 1.12OZ/Y2 (38g/m2) Soft, Smooth, and Lightweight.

  • The fabric is down-proof cired. So it has windproof and waterproof for small rain (Same as the fabric we always used on down jackets)

  • Washer/Dryer Safe! – Can be washed and dries quickly and easily, unlike goose down. Use of non-agitated, large capacity, front-loaded commercial washer suggested.

Filling: Bio-Based Fiber Made with DuPont™ Sorona® Synthetic  Insulation

  • Filled with DuPont™'s bio-based fiber Sustans®, a high-tech, environmentally friendly synthetic insulating material. It has great loft characteristics due to the fibers' elastic properties, and wicks moisture, keeping you warm and dry. An industry first! 
  • Sustans® is a natural permanent 3D spiral fiber for heat preservation and has excellent loft and recovery from compacting. 

  • It has little effect from moisture, keeping the body warmer, dryer, and more comfortable in damper conditions.

  • All this makes for a high warmth, high elasticity, comfortable hand feeling, and more consistent loft quilt that had a good feel and is durable, with good flexibility of use.

Modular 4-season Underquilt System

  • You can also attach the Onewind Camping Blanket to the Underquilt by snapping them together down the long edges, making this a truly modular 4-season underquilt system. Stacking the underquilt and blanket like this can get the temperature range down to 20°F(-7°C)!

  • Simply fasten the camping blanket inside the underquilt down the long edges, and tuck it inside your underquilt, effectively doubling the amount of insulation.