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Aluminum Carabiner Quickdraws - 10PCS

Aluminum Carabiner Quickdraws - 10PCS

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Size: 1.57 inches / 4 cm
Weight: 3g/0.1oz

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Pack: 10 pcs/pack

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Product Description

Super lightweight carabiners are used for hammock gears, underquilt, and to hang your accessories on the ridgeline, and outdoor bags. Setting up is easy and convenient with this Aluminum Carabiner Quickdraws.  

Durable Quality

Made of premium and rust-resistant aluminum with a smooth flat wire gate for quick and easy adjunction. It has a classic D-shape design so the weight is evenly distributed across the carabiner making it reliable and durable.

Compact and Lightweight

Each set contains 10 carabiners that measure 4cm each that would easily fit in most people’s palms and weighs 0.2 oz making this one of the lightest carabiners that you can keep in your backpack.

Easy To Use

With its wide opening, this carabiner is simple to use with one hand by simply pushing the pin for a quick clip and release so it’s easy to clip and unclip on just about anything.

Multipurpose Carabiner Clip

Designed to hold anything from keys, tools, water bottles, luggage tags, and gears for both outdoor and indoor use. It can also be used for camping, fishing, hiking, and traveling.

Strong and Snag Free

This D-shaped carabiner has a clean and smooth design that won't catch and tear your gears. It also has a thin nose profile that won’t snag making them the perfect tool that you can bring anywhere you go. Order yours today!

The carabiners are the same as the carabineers Onewind used on the underquilt and tarp.

10 pcs/ Package, colors are available in black and silver. Kindly choose the color as shown and note that 10 packs are in the same color, if any questions, please leave us a message.