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Hammock Sync Connector

Hammock Sync Connector

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Material: UHMWPE
Head end: 110cm/ 43" when set up (220 cm when unfolded)
Foot end: 40cm/15.7" when set up (80 cm when unfolded) for the foot end, ensuring

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Product Description

This Hammock Sync Connector is a solution for setting up 2 hammocks together with 3 trees. If you want to set up 2 hammocks together on 2 trees, please refer to the Onewind Hammock Sync Spreader Bar.


Transform your camping experience with the Onewind Hammock Sync Connector, an essential accessory designed to bring couples closer together. No longer do you need to sleep separately under the stars. With our innovative connector, you can set up two hammocks side by side, using just three trees, and enjoy the ultimate comfort and intimacy in nature.

Effortless Connection:

Our Hammock Sync Connector includes two ultra-strong UHMWPE ropes, allowing for a quick and secure setup. The longer rope connects the head ends of the hammocks, while the shorter rope connects the foot ends.

Tailored Lengths for Perfect Fit:

The longer rope is 110 cm when set up (220 cm when unfolded) for the head end, and the shorter rope is 40 cm when set up (80 cm when unfolded) for the foot end, ensuring a snug and balanced connection.
Light as a Feather: Weighing only 20 grams, this connector won’t add any noticeable weight to your gear, making it ideal for backpacking and hiking trips.
Built to Last: Crafted from high-quality UHMWPE, these ropes are designed to withstand harsh outdoor conditions, providing reliable support for your hammocks.

How to set up two hammocks

Ideal for Couples:

Camping is all about sharing moments and creating memories, and with the Onewind Hammock Sync Connector, couples can do just that. Sleep side by side, enjoy the gentle sway of the hammocks together, and wake up to the beauty of nature with your loved one right next to you. This connector is perfect for couples looking to enhance their camping experience, providing a cozy and connected sleeping arrangement.


Difference Between Hammock Sync Connector and Hammock Sync Spreader Bar
Hammock Sync Connector:


Lightweight (Ropes): The rope-based design makes it incredibly lightweight, adding minimal weight to your camping gear.
Stable Entry/Exit: If one person gets on or off one hammock, the other hammock remains stable and doesn’t move up and down rapidly. This ensures both campers can rest better.


Three-Tree Requirement: Requires three trees to set up, which might limit your campsite choices depending on tree availability.