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Hammock Ridgeline Organizer Plus

Hammock Ridgeline Organizer Plus

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Size: 15.75" x 9.84"/ 40 cm x 25 cm

Weight: 30g

Material: 20D 1.1oz Ultralight Silnylon Ripstop

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Product Description

Embark on your outdoor adventures with the newly upgraded Hammock Ridgeline Organizer Plus by Onewind. Tailored for the modern camper and hiker, this organizer brings enhanced functionality and convenience to your hammock experience, ensuring that all your essentials are neatly stored and easily accessible.

Dual-Sided Six-Pocket Design

The Organizer Plus sets a new standard with its dual-sided design, featuring three pockets on each side, totaling six pockets. This innovative layout doubles your storage space, allowing for a more organized and efficient way to sort and access your items. Whether it's your phone, keys, snacks, or small gear, everything has its place.

Expanded Size for More Capacity

Measuring 40cm x 25cm, the Organizer Plus offers more room to store your essentials. This increased size is perfect for accommodating larger items, such as water bottles or a flashlight, alongside your smaller gadgets and personal items.

Ultralight and Durable Material

Constructed from 20D 1.1oz Ultralight Silnylon Ripstop, the Organizer Plus is designed for durability and minimal weight impact, weighing only 30g. The waterproof feature of the material ensures that your belongings are protected in various weather conditions, adding an extra layer of reliability to your outdoor gear.

Easy and Versatile Setup

The Organizer Plus maintains its user-friendly setup, easily attaching to any hammock with a ridgeline, including all Onewind Hammocks. Its design allows for flexible positioning along the ridgeline, ensuring your essentials are within easy reach, whether you’re lying down or sitting up.

In conclusion, the Hammock Ridgeline Organizer Plus from Onewind is an indispensable accessory for any outdoor enthusiast. Its unique six-pocket, dual-sided design provides ample organized space for your essentials. Combined with its lightweight, durable, and waterproof features, and easy setup, it offers an unmatched level of convenience and functionality, enhancing your outdoor experience.

If you're interested in exploring more styles, you might like our basic version:  Hammock Ridgeline Organizer. This original organizer also combines practicality and convenience, offering another excellent choice for outdoor enthusiasts.