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Boots Sack for Camping

Boots Sack for Camping

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Size: 40cm*26cm*24cm
Weight: 40g/ 1.4oz
Packing Size: 4cm*8cm (1.6"*3.2")

Material: 1.1 oz nylon ripstop with PU coating

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Product Description

Onewind Premium OD Green Boots Bag, Lightweight and Compact Boot Storage Solution for Skiing, Camping, and Hiking 

Boot Storage Solution

Starting with cold boots in the morning can be difficult so keeping a boot bag that is lightweight and easy to carry in your backpack is a sure treat. This helps protect your boots from rain, morning dew, and even bugs.

Premium Quality

Made from 1.1 oz ripstop nylon that is water-resistant and waterproof to help keep your things protected. This bag features a large storage space that is big enough to fit a pair of large boots and a handful of other items if needed.

Lightweight and Compact

Whether you go camping or skiing, this boot storage bag makes it easy to transport your boots and gears and keep them organized while keeping them dry and clean.  This storage bag weighs just 40g/ 1.4oz which is lighter than an egg and measures 40cm*26cm*24cm (15.7"*10.2"*9.5" ). It also packs small to 4cm*8cm (1.6"*3.2") so it's easy to bring with you anytime, anywhere. 

Durable Shoe Bag

This boot sack works not only for camping or hiking but is also an excellent option for daily use in transporting your shoes, slippers, sneakers or even high heels. This bag comes with a sturdy zipper closure and a handle that makes it easy for you to store your shoe bag once you get to your destination. 

Easy to Store and Wash

Having this bag on your outdoor trips makes it easy to store your shoes and essentials conveniently. It can hold up to multiple washing and dries quickly making this a must have camping gear.