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OneWind Underquilt: For Warm and Cozy Outdoor Experience

The roads to a certain paradise are usually not smooth or easy. And, of course, being the adventure enthusiast that you are, you’re well-aware of this. So for your outdoor travel this weekend, you’ve made sure to pack light. You’ve brought dri-fit clothes, instead of cotton; pre-cooked foods in vacuum-sealed plastic, instead of canned goods; portable hammock instead of the bulky tent. Hence, the journey and the campsite set up went on nice and smooth. Not until you’re chilling in your hammock and your blanket can’t seem to do anything about the harsh cold breeze - all because you forgot one tiny detail, the underquilt.

If you’ve been to different camping sites, you know better now than just mindlessly sticking with tents. This is especially true if you’re a backpacker who needs to carry all the stuff needed for a fun but safe outdoor experience. Several campers could surely attest how a mere hammock could significantly address several camping issues/dilemmas. Read on to better understand why.



Hammock Underquilt - What Is It and What Does It Offer?

A hammock is often chosen over a tent because of the convenience, portability, and accessibility that it offers. On the contrary to what other people think, hammocks are sturdy and safe camping equipment. One must not be deceived by its usually thin and lightweight materials as these are strategically designed. Of course, this is specifically true if you opt to trust only a reliable outdoor equipment provider such as OneWind.

Plus, hammocks come with handy and portable accessories, too - from detachable bags to sleeping bags to removable tarps to adjustable underquilts. But what exactly is an underquilt and what benefits could one possibly reap should they opt to use one?

In a nutshell, hammock quilts or more commonly known as underquilts, are insulated blankets attached underneath the hammock using carabiners. These are designed to harness body heat and reuse it to give back warmth to the user. Also, by acting as a solid barrier, an underquilt can significantly prevent outdoor factors like cold air, morning mist, or rain shower from interfering and compromising your comfort and convenience.

While a hammock addresses several camping issues such as sleeping on the ground where you could get easily attacked by predators, as well as the cold ground stealing away your body heat/warmth, it’s not enough to be used solely especially during harsh weather conditions. This is where an insulated quilt comes in handy - keeping hammocks dry and clean and providing additional warmth and comfort to users.

Here are some of the many benefits you could expect from an underquilt. 

  1. Prevents heat loss by providing proper insulation underneath.
  2. The fit-to-the-hammock design works more ideally than loose blankets, providing more comfort and convenience.
  3. Protects your hammock from extreme weather conditions and external factors that could easily wreak havoc on it.
  4. Offers the same comfort as a top quilt or sleeping bag without the same bulk and unnecessary weight.
  5. Creates partial heat pockets, making it versatile and flexible with any season of the year. 


Key Factors to Consider for an Underquilt

Like any other camping equipment, looking for the best underquilt could get challenging and time-consuming. This is mainly because several brands claim they offer “the best possible hammock quilt available in the market”. And we all know how exhausting it could get to narrow down such long lists and identify which one could cater to your needs and preferences. 


To somehow help you, here are some key factors you might want to consider.


  • Durability. Thoroughly run through the materials used and be sure everything’s top of the line, not substandard. Plus, it pays to ensure that the craftsmanship and construction are exquisitely executed.

  • Portability. The size and weight must always be taken into consideration, especially if you intend to use it for hiking or outdoor camping - activities that require light packing. The more lightweight the underquilt is, the better, the easier to pack, carry, and store.

  • Comfortability. Whether the underquilt is wide enough to allow diagonal lay, or only allows banana lay

  • Functionality. Yes, all underquilts are meant to give extra warmth and comfort to hammock campers. There are, however, slight differences in their functionalities such as the level of warmth or the so-called temperature rating.

  • Accessibility. The ease of access should also matter. Look for a hammock quilt that’s easy to set up and easy to take down. Some offer a hook-and-pull system using sturdy ropes and carabiners.

  • Affordability. The price tag might be optional for some and yes, of course, we won’t also recommend that you solely focus on the amount but on the value it could provide you.



    The Best of the Best Underquilts


    Taking into consideration the aforementioned factors, 

  • OneWind Underquilt

  • OneWind has certainly ticked all the boxes. In fact, this is one of the most affordable underquilts in the market - for only $69.90 (or $114.90 for the Hammock Underquilt and Blanket Combo). This sturdy water-resistant lightweight hammock quilt is made with 1.1oz. 20D 400T ultralight nylon fabric and filled with DuPont™ Sorona Bio-Based Fiber Sustans®Insulation. It’s highly elastic, fluffy, warm, soft, and smooth that’s perfect for both hot and cold weather.  Designed for hammock enthusiasts diagonal lay

    OneWind underquilt offers temperature ratings ranging from 35F to 50F (2℃ to 10℃) and 45F to 70F (7℃-21℃).  Combined with onewind blanket, you can get a 2-layer underquilt combo for winter warmth. Moreover, it’s easily set up with its color-coded carabiners that need to only be hooked and integrated shock cord lines that need only be pulled.

  • Eagles Nest Outfitters Blaze UnderQuilt

  • Eagles Nest Outfitters Blaze is a bit pricey as you can acquire one for $299.95. With its temperature rating of 30º F and weight of 24 oz., it could somehow justify its price. In fact, aside from its price tag, there’s no other significant downside to this underquilt.

    Blaze is ultra-lightweight and water-resistant. It’s made of 750-fill down construction with a Nylon Ripstop w/DWR shell, Nylon Taffeta inner. While there are no included s-biners to secure its attachment to the hammock, it features fast and easy installation and it compresses down for easy packing and storing.

  • Hyke & Byke Antero Hammock Compatible Down Sleeping Bag

  • Hyke & Byke is also a bit expensive with its $224.97 price tag. While it could fit well a person who’s taller than average, its 3.7lb weight is a bit heavy when compared to most underquilts in the market.

    Nevertheless, what makes this stand out is that it works like a wraparound sleeping bag, making up for a great top quilt and underquilt in one package. Plus, its inner and outer nylon shell with vertical baffles, allowing automatic adjustment of the 800 fill power insulation. 

  • Klymit Insulated Hammock V Sleeping Pad

  • Klymit features an innovative and intuitive V-Chambered design that’s made with 20D polyester. It has a warmth rating of 4.4 which is roughly 15 to 20 degrees Fahrenheit.

    While it doesn’t work similarly to regular underquilts, it makes up for a great sleeping pad for both hammock and tent camping that can be used for any season of the year. You can get this warm 2-pound soft-touch fabric pad for $165.95.

  • Warbonnet Outdoors Wooki Underquilt

  • Warbonnet Outdoors is a bit pricey as well at $250. The price, however, is justified by its exquisite construction and craftsmanship. Plus, it’s built with 20D DWR nylon, boasting a fill weight of only 10 oz (20°F) or 13 oz (0°F).  It’s well-known for its Scandinavian temperature rating, providing a warmth down to a frigid -20 degrees F. 

    This fully sealed/wrapped underquilt features 850 fill-power Activ-dry DWR goose down and diagonally-oriented insulation. Aside from the hammock quilt itself, it also includes a spare rubber band, stuff sack, and attachment points.

  • Hammock Gear Premium Incubator

  • Hammock Gear can be availed of at $249.95 - a bit pricey as well, but it ticks the boxes when it comes to temperature rating, fill, size, weight, and all other key factors. Aside from its unique contoured design that’s specifically optimized to fit the user’s body shape in a hammock, minimizing gaps and/or cold spots, it boasts various customizable features - from temperature rating to color to size to down options.

    With its high-quality materials and exquisite craftsmanship, plus taking into consideration various other factors, its expensive price quickly adds up.

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