Onewind Tarp FAQs

Onewind Tarp FAQs

Q: What accessoried comes with the tarp

Onewind has different sizes of double hammocks and single hammocks.

11' and 12' are the most popular gathering end hammocks.

Please view our website and choose the size that suits you.

Please make sure to check the spec page of the hammock you're interested in as each hammock is different.

11ft Tarp 12ft Tarp | Onewind Outdoors

Q: What's the guyline collection system and what's function?

The guyline collection system includes the line locker, shock cords, and stop cord.

Line locker: No knots required. Easy to set up and adjust the length of the guyline

Shock cord: Shock cords at the end of guy lines are a self-tensioner that produces a constant tug on the line to prevent tarps from ripping in high wind.

Stop cord: Collect guylines easily. Keep guyline neat and tidy.

What is the guyline collection system | Onewind outdoors

Q: How to use the guyline tenstioner?

How to use the guyline tenstioner

Q: What size tarp do I need for a hammock?

Regardless of what style tarp you choose, you want to ensure the tarp extends between 6 to 12 in. (15 to 30 cm) over each end of your hammock.

Q: Can I use a 12' tarp with a 12' hammock? 

Absolutely! The key is in understanding the dimensions and how they work together.

Onewind 12-foot tarp has a ridgeline length of 12 feet (3.66 meters). Interestingly, the ridgeline length of a 12-foot hammock is not 12 feet but rather 83% of that length, which amounts to approximately 9.96 feet (or about 3.03 meters). This difference means that the tarp's ridgeline is longer than the hammock's ridgeline by roughly 2 feet (60 cm).

For optimal coverage and protection, we recommend that the tarp extends about 6 to 12 inches (15 to 30 cm) beyond each end of the hammock. With a 12-foot tarp, you'll have an extension of approximately 12 inches (30 cm) at each end when used with a 12-foot hammock, which aligns perfectly with our recommendation. This setup provides adequate protection and ensures comfort.

Moreover, for enhanced safety against heavy rain, consider setting up your tarp slightly lower than usual. This adjustment can offer extra shelter and peace of mind during inclement weather.

So, rest assured, a 12-foot tarp is not only compatible but also ideal for use with a 12-foot hammock.

Q: What is the recommended size for a hammock tarp?

When selecting a tarp for your hammock, it's essential to consider the size for adequate coverage. Ideally, your tarp should extend at least 6-12 inches beyond each end of your hammock. This length is typically sufficient to keep you dry during light rain.

For better protection in heavy rain, you might want to set up your tarp lower than usual. This not only provides additional shelter but also ensures greater comfort and security in challenging weather conditions.

Remember, the right size tarp can make a significant difference in your outdoor experience!

Q: How do you fold a hammock tarp for storage?

Properly folding your hammock tarp is essential for compact storage and easy transport. Here are streamlined steps for an efficient fold:

  • Clean and Dry: First, ensure your tarp is clean and fully dry to avoid mold and mildew.
  • Lay Flat and Align: Spread the tarp flat on a clean surface, aligning all edges.
  • Fold in Half: Fold the tarp lengthwise. For larger tarps, an additional lengthwise fold may be necessary.
  • Roll Tightly: Once folded into a long strip, roll the tarp tightly from one end.
  • Secure the Roll: Use cords, tarp straps, or the provided storage bag to secure and protect the rolled tarp.

For the best storage solution, consider using a tarp sleeve. A tarp sleeve allows you to easily slide your tarp in, offering quick packing and protection while maintaining the tarp's condition, ready for your next outdoor adventure

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