Ridgeline Storage Hammock Instructions and Set Up

Function: The Ridgeline Storage Hammock is a good convenient place for storing for your accessories, outdoor essentials, food, gloves, balaclava, mittens, camp jacket, book, personal protection item or whatever you need to store within easy reach. Just relax indoor or outdoor all day.

The Ridgeline Storage hammock has reflective cord at both ends, and an extra two loops are also included for hanging in different positions. There are two ways to hang the storage hammock.

How to Use it?

1) Hang the Ridgeline Storage Hammock in the peak to keep it out of your way.

a. Tie the peak of the hammock on one end of your hammock ridgeline.

b. Create a prussic knot with one of the two included loops. (See below for creating a prussic knot with a loop.)

c. Attach the other reflective cord to the prussic knot.

d. Adjust the tension and sag of the Storage Hammock by pushing the prussic knot along ridgeline either toward or away from you.

hanging the ridgeline storage hammock in peak
                                                                           Hanging the storage hammock in peak



2) Hang the Ridgeline Storage HammockIn the Middle for quicker access to your items.

a. Create a pair of prussic knots with both of the included loops. (See below for creating a prussic knot with a loop.)

b. Attach one of the reflective cords to each prussic knot.

c. Locate to desired position by sliding the prussic knots using a pushing motion. (Never pull the prussic knot or the attached cords, as this will make the knot hold harder.)

hanging the ridgeline storage hammock in middle

Hanging the Storage Hammock in middle

How to tie a prusik knot

A. Place your loop against the ridgeline as shown in block 1.

B. Take the formed end and wrap around ridgeline twice, passing it through the loop each time as shown in blocks 2 and 3.

C. Pull on formed end and push outer edges to close up prussic as shown in block 4.

prusik knot

Once the prusik knot is under tension on ridgeline, it cannot be moved by pulling the reflective cord or the knot. It can only be moved by pushing the knot from behind in the direction you want to go.

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