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Onewind Hammock Tarp/ Rainfly Set up

Following rain tarp shelter set up guide will make your hammock rainfly set-up a breeze, please prepare all the accessories in the package before setting up, good hammock time!

Hammock tarp set up

Prepare all the tarp accessories (Including tent stake, guyline)

Take out the loop parts of the rain tarp, then pass the guyline through the rain tarp’s loops and tie the knots for both sides, hang the whole wrapped tarp between two trees.

If you have onewind tarp sleeves ( Snakeskin ) at the same time, then you can retract your tarp more freely 

Camping Guyline Tensioner

Fix the tent stake into ground.

Is it troublesome to tie the tent rope every time you camp, and then there are many knots on the tent guyline?

The guyline tensioners we prepared for you allows you to avoid using knots. Just set up the guyline and guyline tensioner as show. You will find that it's easy, quickly and no need knot.

Keep Tarp Guyline Clean

When camping on rainy days, guyline is always dirty? Please try our guyline collection system.

Camping Guyline Tensioner Setup

Or rather use the aluminum guy-line adjusters to get core line twisted and fixed in stormy weather, easy to get up with no knots needed. 

Hammock Tarp with Doors Setup

Use four carabiners to hang the door part of the rain tarp, use it as a shelter to protect you from wind, rain and snow in cold weather.

Get four doors connected in horizontal direction to easily open and close as you wish to get some air in or not.

Hammock Rainfly Set up

And also set up the hammock rain fly as show by four carabiners in warm weather. This setting will help you enjoy the summer breeze

Of course, this multi-functional hammock tarp can also meet your more construction methods. Try more setting you will find that you have much more than just a tarp. Remember to share to us!!!!

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