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Onewind Bottom Entry Bugnet Hammock Setup

Take a few seconds to check how to set up onewind ridgeline hammock, it is super easy and fast, whether in your back yard or outdoor survivals, the set-up guide will be a perfect reference

Several parts are needed for how to set up your hammock well. You will learn

Part 1 Hang tree straps between two trees

Part 2 Hang the hammock

Part 3 Check and Adjust Hammock

Part 4 Put up mosquito net

Part 1- Hang Tree Straps

Before hang your hammock, you will need to find two trees with suit distance.  12' to 20' feet / 3.5 to 6 meter

Next, take out the two tree straps from the double sided stuff sack and secure them to the trees on each side as shown.         

After the tree straps is secured to the tree, tighten by pulling the tree straps in the opposite direction as shown in the illustration to ensure that the strap does not slip.

Part 2 Hang Hammock

Open one end of the stuff sack, take out the adjustable buckle attached to the end of the hammock, and put straps though the buckle with following pictures: 1, 2,3


Please remember to insert the end of the webbing into the elastic keeper, so you have finished the first step that connect the first strap with one end of your hammock.

Then Walk it over to the other tree strap, releasing the hammock from the stuff sack as you go. This method will prevent the hammock from ever touching the ground, and will keep it clean. Attach the second buckle to the other tree strap in the same way as the first.    

Part 3-Check and Adjust Hammock

Adjust the length of the tree straps on both sides to adjust to the height that suits you.

Adjust whoopie sling structural ridgeline length to adjust the sag of the hammock to suit your comfort position


Finally, before lying on the hammock, press the hammock firmly to check the installation and stress of the hammock. 

Part 4- Bug net

Take out the mosquito net in the hammock bag, pull the mosquito net to the opposite side of the hammock and attach it.

Tighten the rope at the ends of the net and have a knot on the adjust buckle to prevent from slipping

(Tighten the rope on adjust buckle instead of the end of hammock. This will enhance the room in the bug net.) 


After entering the hammock, the bottom of the net must also be tightened. It is important to remember that the mosquito net is not designed to carry any of the weight. Even if the opening is not completely closed, the elastic cord will allow room for the hammock to push through at it’s lowest point.  The opening of the bug net will constrict around that area, still keeping all the bugs out.

Apart from how to hang a tree hammock, there are some good tips for you to take the hammock down and store in a bag

Stuff the mosquito net into the hammock bag.

For easiest redeployment, after disconnecting the buckles from the tree straps, keep the suspension buckle just outside of one end of the stuff sack, ready to be fastened the next time.  

Stuff the hammock back into the hammock as you walk towards the tree.

Finally, take the two tree straps and put them at one end of the stuff sack for easy access the next time.   


  1. Remember to insert loose end of tree straps into elastic keeper
  2. Children under the age of 7 must use under the supervision of an adult.
  3. You can sit or lie down on hammock. But Do not try to stand in the hammock, it is very dangerous.


  1. The recommended distance from the ground to the bottom.of the hammock is 15-50 cm (6"-20"). Don't hang hammock too high.


  1. All parts of the hanging suspension may become worn over time with extreme usage. Always be sure that your equipment is in good working order and not compromised in any way.
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