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      Complete Suspension Kit

      Elevate your camping experience with Onewind's Hammock Tree Straps. It includes a pair of 12ft tree straps, 2 adjustable cinch buckles, 2 UHMWPE continuous loop and a matching stuff sack for easier storage and mobility.

      Lightweight and Portable

      Unlike other multi-loops, double layer tree straps, these tree support straps are designed with a single layer and can easily be adjusted with the cinch buckles. The pair of hammock tree straps only measures 0.25lbs and can be packed in its matching stuff sack when not in use.

      Superior Durability

      Constructed with high density, no-stretch, and triple-stitched polyester webbing, these heavy-duty straps can also be attached to posts, large rocks, roof racks, boat masts, docks and more without fraying. It can withstand the effects of weather and each strap can support weight of 1500 lbs.

      Quick Setup and Easy To Adjust

      Pitch your single or double hammock as quickly as possible with these tree straps. There's no need to tie any knots as it comes with UHMWPE Continuous Loop so it's easy to adjust even when your hammock is already hung to achieve the perfect height and angle.


      Onewind's Hammock Tree Straps minimizes your hammock's impact on nature with extra wide tree-friendly webbing that’s designed to protect trees while you snooze. Hang your hammock with ease and confidence with this heavy-duty tree straps. Order yours now!