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Kids Camping Hammock

Kids Camping Hammock

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Size: 86"*55"

1.1 oz High Strength Nylon Ripstop

Set up Requirement: Onewind 11', 12' hammock>11' ridgeline hammock & ridgeline break strength >700LBS (If it's not Onewind adult hammock)

Accessories List
Prussik Knot (Continuous loops)
2 Soft Shackle
2 86"*55" Hammock Bed*1

Setup Precaution

  1. Remember to insert loose end of tree straps into the elastic keeper
  2. Children under the age of 7 must use it under the supervision of an adult.
  3. While using the hammock, you can sit or lie down. Do not try to stand in the hammock, it is very dangerous. 
  1. The recommended distance from the ground to the bottom of the hammock is 15-50 cm
  1. All parts of the hanging suspension may become worn over time with extreme usage. Always be sure that your equipment is in good working order and not compromised in any way.
  2. To lengthen hammock life, do not place hard and sharp objects like rocks, scissors, keys on the hammock. Remove hard objects from your pockets that might go through your clothing and rip the hammock.
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Product Description

Please note: We care about your child's safety. Please ensure that you are in a safe and secure surrounding with your child when you go camping. The Onewind Kid's Hammock is designed with the child's safety in mind so you can set this up as a bunk hammock so we recommend that the child sleeps above you.   

Hammock For Kids

The small hammock measures 86" long and 55" wide, leaving space for fun when camping indoors or outdoor. Get it with Onewind Tree Straps (purchased separately) so your kids can hang above the ground freely in the backyard or anywhere between two trees.

Perfectly Sized Hammock

Designed specifically for kids so they can relax comfortably. It clocks in at 7.38 x 4.5 ft long and can hold up to 200lbs.

Superior Comfort

It is designed for the ultimate comfort of your little tots with its soft and breathable fabric made from a 1.1oz nylon ripstop.

Onewind outdoor kids hammock

Storage Hammock

You can also use this as a hammock organizer which is a convenient way to store your backpack and loose gear off the ground and keep it within arm's reach.

Onewind outdoors hammock and underquilt for camping
Onewind kids hammock

1. Children's hammock that attaches to your own suspension. Keep your child near you while hammock camping without worrying about them being far away.

2. With a separate hammock, you won’t squeeze in the middle of the hammock, or worry about crushing your child.

3. Just like a bunk bed, children like to have their own space.

4. The occupied adult hammock is larger and can be used as a safety net while climbing in and out of the hammock.

5. Only need one set of tree straps for both hammocks.

Onewind hammock camping gear
Onewind hammock camping gear
Onewind hammock camping gear
Onewind hammock camping gear
Package Small Prusik Knot and Soft Shackle Water Resistant Build-in Stuff Sack

Compact and Lightweight

Weighing a little over 5 oz and packing down small, this toddler hammock is easy to carry. The portable hammock can be easily folded into the integrated stuff sack, It will be fantastic to start your children's adventure journey with this mini hammock.

Easy To Setup

Set up your child's hammock indoor or outdoor within minutes. It includes a pair of continuous loops, 2 soft shackles, and a matching stuff sack to keep everything inside.

Best Camping Gift

Have a unique outdoor experience with this outdoor hammock. Whether your kids want to relax by the fire or sleep under the stars, our camping hammock has everything you need to stay comfy and safe. Get yours today!