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      Onewind Outdoors is a professional outdoor equipment brand. We specialize in designing and creating high-quality and lightweight camping products and outdoor gears to help you create a home wherever you are!

      Onewind Outdoors Camping Blanket combines lightweight construction, comfort, and warmth. It's made with 20D 400T Nylon Fabric and features a quilted construction that is water and wind-resistant and keeps the insulation evenly distributed too, eliminating cold spots.

      Both sides of the blanket are made of 1.1oz 20D Ultra Lightweight Nylon Taffeta Fabric so it's soft and comfortable. The fabric is down proof cired so it has windproof and waterproof for small rain to keep you warm and dry when you go camping or do other outdoor activities.

      Filled with DuPont bio-based fiber Sustans is derived from nature and designed for performance. It's a synthetic insulating material that has great loft characteristics due to the fibers' elastic properties. The biological process for creating Sorona utilizes 30-40% less energy and releases 56-63% fewer greenhouse gas emissions than nylon 6 and nylon 6,6. It keeps the body warm and dry so you will feel more comfortable in cold weather conditions.

      Water-Resistant Three Continuous Loops Dupont Sorona Filling Wearable Blanket