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Camo Rain Poncho Shelter

Camo Rain Poncho Shelter

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Size: 98"*56" (250cm*142cm)
Package Size: Φ2.75"*7"
Weight: 258g/0.57LBS

Material: 1.1 oz Silnylon Ripstop

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Product Description

This Camouflage Ultralight rain poncho shelter from Onewind keeps every traveler and outdoorsy individuals in stealth with nature. This type of design makes animals or objects difficult to see. It is perfect for disguising or keeping everything low-key.

Stay Concealed and Protected with Our Camo Rain Poncho

Introducing our Camo Printed Rain Poncho: Stay concealed and protected from the rain with our versatile and stylish camo rain poncho. Specifically designed for backpacking, hiking, and stealth camping, this military-inspired poncho is the ultimate choice for adventurers who prioritize functionality and stealth.

Reliable camping gear for Men and Women in the Outdoors

Whether you're a man or a woman, our high-quality military rain poncho offers reliable protection from the elements. Its durable construction is built to withstand the demands of outdoor activities, making it an ideal choice for military personnel, army enthusiasts, and hunters alike.

Superior Weather Protection for You and Your Backpack

Our hiking rain poncho is designed to provide superior weather protection, not just for you but also for your backpack. With dimensions measuring 98"x56", it offers ample coverage to shield you from the rain and keep your gear dry. It is also suitable for big and tall campers, ensuring that individuals of various sizes are well-covered.

Lightweight and Durable Camo Ponchos for Travel

Crafted with 1.1oz ultralight silnylon fabric with camo printed, our camo ponchos for travel are not only water - resistant but also lightweight and durable. The fabric is coated with silicone and PU waterproofing of 3000mm, ensuring high-strength, water repellency, and quick drying. This makes our ponchos perfect for unexpected downpours or survival situations.

Designed for Convenience: Lightweight and Compact

We prioritize lightweight and compact gear for backpacking and hiking adventures. This hooded rain poncho is specifically designed to cater to your needs. Weighing just 0.57 lbs (257g), it won't weigh you down during your outdoor pursuits. When not in use, it conveniently folds into a compact size of 7 x 18 cm, allowing it to effortlessly fit into your backpack. To enhance convenience further, it comes with a matching stuff sack for easy storage and organization.

Hoodie Feature Camouflage Poncho for Enhanced Protection

The added hoodie feature provides additional protection for your head and neck, ensuring your comfort and well-being even in cooler temperatures. With cord adjusters and side fasteners, you can easily customize the fit according to your preferences and the prevailing weather conditions.

Versatility Beyond Rain Protection-Survival Shelter or Ground Sheet

In addition to keeping you dry, our camping poncho offers versatility beyond its primary function. It can be used as a survival shelter, makeshift tarp, or ground sheet when needed, making it a reliable and multifunctional companion for your outdoor adventures.

Embrace the Lightweight and Compact Design of Our Camo Rain Poncho

Embrace the lightweight and compact design of our camouflage rain poncho, the best choice for hikers and backpackers who value convenience and functionality. With its superior weather protection, adjustable features, and versatile applications, you can confidently embark on your outdoor endeavors, knowing that you are well-prepared to face any unexpected rain showers. Whether you're exploring the wilderness, embarking on a backpacking trip, or going on a hunting expedition, our poncho provides the protection and reliability you need.