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       Whether you’re looking for a starter hammock or you need a comfy retreat in your backyard, the Onewind Zippered Hammock is a great choice.  

      Weighing only 2.14LBS for the whole package and 600g/1.32LBS for the hammock bed and bug net, it can comfortably support weight up to 500lbs and is made with extra strong 40D Ripstop Nylon Fabric construction with no seams so it's not only lightweight, durable, and breathable but also soft, fluffy and comfortable against your skin. 

      Our backpacking hammock provides the perfect combination of comfort and strength with an innovative single-panel design. It measures  11'*64" to maintain a comfortable diagonal lay.

      This zipper camping hammock comes with everything you need for a full hammock shelter. It includes a hammock, attached zipper bugnet, 2 cinch buckles, 2 continuous loops, adjustable ridgeline, and 2*12' hammock tree-friendly straps, 2*2m shock cords, and 2 aluminum tent stakes.

      All accessories can easily be packed and compressed in the double-sided stuff sack for mobility and easy storage

      Our unique zippered hammock has a built-in bug net that has a convenient two-way, full zipper for fast in and out access. The net is made from heavy-grade polyester fabric that won't pull or tear out so you can get a good night’s sleep. When not in use, you can simply slide the bug net at the end of the hammock.

      Unfolds from the stuff sack in seconds, this hammock comes with an adjustable ridgeline that enables you to increase or decrease the length for the perfect sag.