Underquilt Setup Instructions

Underquilt Setup Instructions

Thank you for purchasing the Onewind Underquilt. To ensure a smooth setup, please follow the steps outlined in this instruction manual carefully.

Step 1

  • Hang one carabiner of underquilt on the hammock.
  • Walk to the other end, releasing the underquilt from the stuff sack as you go.
How to Setup hammock underquilt Instructions | Onewind outdoors

Step 2

Use shock cord system to tighten or loosen to allow ventilation.

How to Setup Camping hammock underquilt | Onewind outdoors

Step 3

Add the blanket into the underquilt for warmth in winter.

Easy to Setup hammock underquilt blanket winter | Onewind outdoors

Step 4

Fix underquilt to Ridgeline for overall comfortability. 

Adjusters for Underquilt

Adjusters for Camping hammock underquilt | Underquilt Accessories | Onewind outdoors
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