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Underquilt Protector and Hammock Double Skin Review

Have you ever encountered a mosquito biting you through the single-layer hammock bed in the wild?
Have you ever feel cold in the mid-night of summer when you enjoy the breeze?

In order to fight off this weakness Onewind Outdoors has created this hammock double skin. It serves to be the protector that all hammocks need. Well today we will be talking about this protector, double skin, and more. So sit back in your hammock and enjoy what this article has to offer!

Besides the added benefit of a protected hammock, the double skin also helps make your hammock extra warm. In addition to the added warmth, its windproof function also helps protect you from the wind. Who wouldn’t want some extra protection, added warmth, and less wind during your sleep?

Now one thing you should be aware of with an underquilt, especially during the winter, is the fact that the moisture in the air may make the outer layer wet. Don’t be worried, because the protector also combats this problem by blocking the water vapor. This causes the moisture to trap onto the outside of the protector instead of your hammock, keeping you nice and dry during your sleep. Just another reason why I personally love this underquilt protector.



As we mentioned earlier, the double skin really helps block out the wind too! Well with most people using a hammock in the summer when you may welcome the wind, the double skin still serves a secondary purpose. It may heat up your sleep a little, but instead of wind resistance, it will instead serve as a bug resistor. This will prevent any sort of bugs, especially mosquitos, from biting you through the underside of your hammock. Now there is no problem with still using it as a wind resistor in the summer because it will keep your back nice and warm as well. So, overall, you really can’t go wrong no matter what use you have in mind for the hammock double skin.

Let me tell you about my own personal experiences with this product now that you know more about it. During the COVID-19, I took that extra freedom to get outdoors more, or sometimes sleep in my yard more to get a break from my family. Well during this time I had a lot of bad experiences waking up in the middle of the night being cold. I also had a problem with bugs getting to me while I slept. When looking up products to help me with this problem I was lucky enough to run into the product at hand today. Since then my problems have gone away with the protector saving me from both the cold wind and those pesky bugs.

No matter what reason you have in mind, you simply can’t go wrong with this underquilt protector and hammock double skin from Onewind Outdoors!

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