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OneWind Underquilt Protector: For Clean, Dry, and Comfy Camping

The weather’s a bit windy yet you feel like it’s still a great day to camp out. So, you quickly pack your hammock and all its accessories, your essential stuff, and some basic cooking equipment. You’re savoring the view and enjoying the experience until the breeze gets colder and less tolerable. So, you’ve thrown in your sleeping bag and your top quilt, set them up nicely, and tuck yourself back into the hammock. While the additional accessories somehow add warmth, you suddenly regret forgetting to bring your underquilt.


Sounds familiar? If yes, then you’re surely aware of what an underquilt has to offer and why you should always bring one in your outdoor travels. In this article though, we’ll be discussing in detail an underrated camping hammock accessory - the underquilt protector.


Why Get An Underquilt Protector?

In a nutshell, an underquilt is just some sort of an insulated quilt that’s meant to prevent heat loss, providing more warmth and comfort. It’s attached underneath the hammock to act as a tiny cave, harnessing and trapping the user’s body heat. The materials used for an underquilt are meant to keep external factors - such as wind - from stealing the body heat. So instead of putting that natural resource into waste, the underquilt radiates back the heat to the user, giving extra warmth and ensuring comfort.


An underquilt works similarly to a sleeping bag - both with lofty down fill or a premium synthetic insulation that can significantly address discomfort caused by harsh weather conditions. Here are the common purposes and/or advantages of an underquilt:

  • To keep your bottom warm by trapping and radiating your very own body heat.
  • To add more comfort and a sense of security.
  • To serve as sturdy and reliable protection that’s not as bulky or as heavy as a top quilt. 
  • To provide a cozy temperature that’s versatile and adjustable, making it suitable for any season of the year.


The underquilt alone offers significant comfort and protection. So, imagine having an extra accessory that’s meant to protect this important camping equipment. That’s what an underquilt protector is for - to provide an extra layer of comfort and protection, among other things.


As its name implies, an underquilt protector, also referred to as UQP, is specifically designed to protect an underquilt, enabling it to function at an optimum condition. Made of water-resistant high-quality materials and shock cord side adjusters, a UQP can efficiently cover a full-length underquilt and hammock double skin. 


Morning dew, cold breeze, wind moist, splashing rain, and frozen condensation - these and a lot more can easily wreak havoc on an underquilt, though, of course, not that easy especially if you’re also using a OneWind underquilt. A protector, however, could significantly lessen the impacts and mitigate the risks. Plus, a UQP can give a boost to your underquilt’s temperature rating with its extra layer of fabric that’s capable of blocking wind.


While often underrated and overlooked, this camping hammock accessory serves several purposes. Here are some of those.


  • Keeps the hammock underquilt dry and clean.
  • Adds extra protection from extreme weather conditions.
  • Increases temperature rating and helps better retain warmth.
  • Keeps the cold back syndrome down
  • Blocks water vapor and prevents it from condensing on the underquilt.
  • Can be used as a bug barrier if it’s too hot to use an underquilt, preventing insect bites.
  • Serves as a camping hammock double skin. 



What Factors to Consider When Buying an Underquilt Protector?

Sure, you can simply opt to use a DIY underquilt protector. However, if you’re looking for an unquestionable quality and unwavering peace of mind, we recommend going for a trusted and reliable underquilt protector - or any camping equipment for that matter. The premium ones often come with a certain price, but when thoroughly chosen, you’ll surely get great value for your money.


To give you a great start on your UQP shopping, here are some important factors you might want to consider.


  • Materials and Craftsmanship

    Look for the specifics of the materials used and ensure that no substandard fabric, cord, hooks/buckles are used. Ideally, choose an underquilt protector with non-rip, durable, and high-quality materials. Then, of course, the UQP must be waterproof or water-resistant. Aside from the materials, check out the details of how it’s made such as the cuts and stitches. The Onewind UQP is made of lightweight fabric - 1.1oz nylon, to be exact. When out camping, you would not want to lug around heavy stuff. Breathable, lightweight and waterproof is always best.


  • Size and Weight

    Underquilt protectors are meant to be portable. While these are designed to add comfort and protection, they shouldn’t add much weight. Plus, though adjustable, be sure to get one that’s the same size as your underquilt and/or hammock. It must be well fitted to ensure maximum insulation and optimal protection.


  • Convenience and Comfort

    Like any other camping equipment, you have to make sure that your UQP is not purely focused on aesthetics. Aside from the quality of materials, choose one that’s convenient to set up, carry, and store. Look for all possible factors that could directly affect your overall comfort. 


  • Prices and Inclusions

    Check out what the inclusions are. It’s ideal and practical to get an underquilt protector that’s ready to be used without purchasing any other accessories. While you don’t necessarily need to solely focus on the price tag, be sure to choose one that best suits your needs and preferences, as well as the UQP that provides great value for your money.



    Why Get An Underquilt Protector From OneWind?

    Quilt protectors could be used for all seasons, capable of protecting not only the underquilt but the hammock itself. It can significantly keep your camping hammock or underquilt clean and dry. It’s capable of blocking winds and water vapor, adding warmth and comfort to the user. 


    OneWind is one of the most trusted names when it comes to outdoor equipment. For several years now, it’s been providing high-quality tools and accessories that are essential for camping, hiking, fishing, and various other outdoor travels. OneWind enables hundreds of thousands of travelers to enjoy their adventures without compromising their safety and security.


    OneWind camping hammock underquilt protector ticks all the boxes from the aforementioned list of important factors that must be considered before buying a UQP. Here are the reasons why you can trust and rely on this OneWind product.


  • Sturdy Materials and Exquisite Craftsmanship

    OneWind underquilt protector is made of breathable and durable fabric that’s both windproof and water-resistant. All materials used are capable of providing ultra protection. Plus, it’s professionally and exquisitely crafted so you can rest assured that it’s sturdy and won’t easily wear off. It works with both single and double hammock sizes.

  • Portable Size and Lightweight

  • The size of the OneWind underquilt protector is 85 x 53 inches, capable of covering a full-length underquilt. It perfectly fits almost all types of underquilts. Moreover, it’s portable and handy as it only weighs 180g/6.35oz. This compact camping accessory with a package size of 2.8 x 6 inches is so lightweight that you won’t even notice carrying it with your camping stuff.

  • Optimum Convenience and Maximum Comfort

  • OneWind underquilt protector is an all-in-one camping equipment - functionality and aesthetics-wise. It’s easy to store, easy to carry, and easy to set up. It features a hook-and-pull design wherein you only need to attach it to the hammock suspension and pull the shock cording on both ends to adjust accordingly then you’re good to go.


  • Reasonable Price and Great Inclusions

  • With all the great features, one of the best things about the OneWind underquilt protector is that it’s reasonably priced. For only $23.90, you can enjoy your OD green or $26.9 camouflage printed UQP and reap all of the benefits it offers.

  • Easy to setup and adjust

  • Sets up in just one minute. You can also adjust it according to your preference.



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