Onewind Hammock Tree Straps Comparison Table

Tree Straps Style Hammock Tree Straps Hammock Friendly Tree straps UHMWPE Tree Straps Hammock Whoopie Sling Image
Name Single Layer
Single Layer
Whoopie Sling Double Layer
Weight /2pcs
Total Weight 317g/0.7lbs 367g/0.81lbs 195g/0.43lbs 155g/0.34lbs 550-600g/1.2lbs-1.3lbs
Similar Weight A can of Cocacola
weight about 350g
Image Image Image Image
Tree Straps 254g/ 0.56lbs 290g/ 0.64lbs 115g/ 0.25lbs 65g/ 0.14lbs
Cinch Buckle 60g/ 0.13lbs 60g/ 0.13lbs 60g/ 0.13lbs
Whoopie Sling 45g/0.1lbs
Length /pcs (2pcs/set)
Tree Straps 12'/3.66m 12'/3.66m 10'/3.05m 4.92'/1.5m
Whoopie Sling 6.23'/190m
Tree Straps Polyester Polyester UHMWPE
Whoopie Sling UHMWPE
Carabiner 7075 Aluminium


*The weight comparison table is just an approximation of the actual weight of the tree straps.

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