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Onewind Product Launch! Topquilt Deluxe (XL)

We have had our Topquilt on the market for 1 year now, offering both M and L sizes. Throughout this year we have been listening to feedback from our customers and have discovered that our quilt might be too narrow for some of our wide shouldered customers who want to sleep on their sides, or who want a little extra material to tuck under their shoulders.

To meet our customer needs, we have proudly developed the new and versatile Topquilt Deluxe (XL)


Snapped together it is a very long (91")  and plenty wide (63") top quilt designed for use in a hammock.  You can use it as a huge blanket and wrap and tuck under you, or you can use the variety of snaps and a drawstring to configure it like an open-backed sleeping bag - still tucking it under to maximize warmth and comfort.  The foot end has snaps down each side edge toward the bottom and a drawcord channel along the bottom edge.  Snapping the sides together and cinching up the drawcord gives you a footbox that will keep your feet covered.  The head end has snaps along the top edge which let you gather and secure the quilt behind your neck and shoulders. 


You can get your hands and arms through the front of the quilt by means of two armholes that you snap closed when not in use.  These are about shoulder-width apart and placed mid-chest level.  You can put just your hands and wrists through and use your phone, hold a book to read, or just twiddle your thumbs.  You can stick your arms further out and reach out of the hammock or up to your ridgeline storage to retrieve things without having to totally uncover them.

To use as a poncho liner just unsnap all of the snaps at the neck and the footbox and loosen the drawcord to give you the flat open blanket configuration.  Then unsnap a couple of the middle snaps in the row of 12 snaps that connect the top and bottom halves of the quilt to make a hole for your head.    Instant poncho liner!  In this mode, the armholes aren't much use as they are down near your knees so you'll just have to reach your arms out the sides of the poncho liner.

If you want to use the top as a warm layer to wear while sitting or moving about camp unsnap the top from the bottom but leave the snaps behind your shoulders snapped and secure the sides behind your back with a cord or belt.  Use the armholes to free your hands and arms while leaving the rest of your body protected by the water-repellant insulated quilt top.

Wrap this drawcord edge around your shoulders and snap these snaps in front of your throat,  cinch up the drawcord to gather the now top of your "cloak" as snug as you want around your neck. You can also use the bottom alone as a cloak or let someone else use one or the other of the pieces.



In winter, when you are sitting on the sofa or in the office, you can also use it as a small blanket to cover your knees

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