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Let Onewind Equip and Protect You From the Cold Outdoors

And just like that, the summer is over - the season where most days are sunny and warm, perfect for outdoor activities. Nevertheless, while Autumn is a bit colder and windier, it shouldn’t be enough to hold back an adventure enthusiast. With the proper gears and equipment, as well as with the right knowledge and body conditioning, anyone’s surely capable of performing activities in the outdoors without compromising comfort and safety. 

In fact, there’s no perfect or standard timing for an adventure. This is why we, at OneWind, see to it that we only manufacture outdoor activity equipment that could withstand all weather conditions. 



What Awaits You Outdoors During the Fall Season

Autumn or Fall is considered by most as the most beautiful season - from the reduction of Summer’s scourging heat to the changing of the colors of leaves to the seemingly fresher air. Though, of course, there are certain consequences to such drastic weather changes - allergies, colds, rigorous leaves raking - there are several advantages. 

In Autumn or Fall, you could enjoy peaceful walks and fun fall activities. Here are some outdoor activities you might want to try.

  1. Camping
  2. Fruit Picking
  3. Nature Hiking
  4. Kite Flying
  5. Fishing
  6. Bird Watching

Onewind Outdoor Essential Gears For Your Cold Weather Adventures

Onewind perfectly understands every individual’s unique desire for adventure. With our main goal of providing fun and safe travels and activities, we’re constantly exploring new ways of ensuring the quality of our products. We promise to always showcase outdoor gears with perfect blends of aesthetics and functionality. 

Here, at OneWind, creating high-quality and affordable gears is our top priority. We specialize in producing equipment and accessories that could make your outdoor camping memorable, comfortable, exciting, and safe. From hammocks to underquilts to tarps to ponchos to blankets - anything you need, we got you covered.  

Onewind Equip and Protect


  • Camping Hammock

OneWind hammocks are designed for all-around outdoor adventures - from your usual backyard camping to your weekend fishing trips to your major mountain hikes. Most of our hammocks are made of ripstop nylon fabric, making them ideal gears for outdoor activities such as camping. Plus, we only make use of durable and lightweight materials and not just some substandard parachutes.

  • Ultralight Kids Camping Hammock. Yes, outdoor adventures know no age boundaries so OneWind has also created a camping hammock specifically made for kids. Made of ultralight ripstop nylon.  For $22.90 only, you can get this high-strength nylon ripstop hammock.

    What’s great about this Hammock is that when you use it with your 11’ or 12’ wide hammock, it can be converted as your Children’s Bunk Bed Hammock.

  • 11’ Ultralight Camping Hammock. Though also 11 feet long, this camping hammock bed weighs only 215 grams, making it ideal for long travels especially those that would require you to carry your personal stuff and gears. This can be availed for $39.90 only.


  • 11’ Camouflage Ultralight Camping Hammock. Its camouflage design is perfect for outdoor camping. This $49.90-worth hammock is meant to be portable and lightweight, engineered to make storage and set up a breeze, created with asymmetrical flat lay comfortable design, and so much more.

  • 11’ Single Camping Hammock. This 11 feet camping hammock is made of durable ripstop nylon. For $49.90 only, you also get to receive an adjustable ridgeline, lantern hanger, overhead organizer, double-sided stuff sack, and 2 free straps.

  • 11’ Single Camping Hammock 2.2 oz. This durable and easy-to-set-up camping hammock is spacious, capable of fitting one person and all of their stuff. It comes with a high-strength adjustable ridgeline, tree-friendly strong and long straps, quick and easy adjustable sturdy buckles, and various other accessories - all for $59.90 only.

  • Camping Hammock Single Person. Designed with a comfortable single panel and durable ripstop nylon, this hammock is ideal for solo travelers. The $44.90-worth package comes with the hammock, ridgeline, hanger, organizer, sack, and straps. This is suitable for kids’ boy scout camping trips.

  • 12’ XXL Double Camping Hammock. For $74.90 only, you can enjoy this extra-large hammock, offering lots of room for more comfortable camping. It features an adjustable ridgeline running between two sturdy buckles, a detachable bug net that’s conveniently opened from the bottom, a lightweight organizer that’s slidable on the ridgeline, and so much more. 

  • 10’ Double Camping Hammock Kit. This two-person wide hammock is available for $49.90 only. It boasts an easy setup feature, breathable Agon ripstop nylon fabric, whoopie sling with adjustable buckles, and more.

  • Underquilt

OneWind underquilts are usually made from water-resistant 1.1 oz. 20D 400T nylon fabric with DuPont Sorona Synthetic Down Insulation bio-based fiber Sustans - a well-balanced combination for style and comfort. Aside from being machine washable, you can rest assured that all underquilt products we offer are lightweight, practical, lofty, wick moist, and comfortable.


Onewind Equip and Protect


  • Underquilt. Our stand-alone underquilt that is specifically designed to keep your camp adventure warm and comfortable can be purchased for $69.90 only. It’s windproof, waterproof, highly elastic, and durable. Its built-in bottom insulation is perfect for cold weather.

  • Hammock Underquilt and Blanket Combo. You could never ask for more in this all-in-one Autumn-perfect gear which is reasonably priced at $119.90. Built using our signature materials, all accessories that come with the package are water-resistant, lightweight, soft, smooth, and comfortable. The underquilt is attached to a camping blanket, providing absolute warmth that’s perfect for all-season camping. 

  • Underquilt Protector and Hammock Double Skin. For $22.90, you enjoy the protection and comfort that this product has to offer. It’s meant to keep your underquilt dry and clean, as well as to ensure its capacity to provide optimum warmth and comfort. 

  • Poncho

  • Onewind ponchos are ideal and practical gears for handy protection. These portable sturdy and water-resistant personal shelters can surely make your camping a lot safer, comfortable, and convenient. 


    Onewind Equip and Protect


    • Topquilt Poncho. This offers a versatile option for your four-season camping, keeping you dry and warm all night. For only $69.90, you get to enjoy its water-resistant features, lightweight nylon materials, and sturdy structure.

    • Topquilt Poncho XL Deluxe. This upgraded deluxe version of our topquilt poncho is available for as low as $79.90. It’s designed to provide warmth during your cold-season outdoor adventures - around 40 to 60 Fahrenheit. This gear is not only great for camping but also for outdoor trips, sporting events, amusement parks, and even for home relaxation.

    • Camo Rain Poncho Shelter. This camouflage shelter offers both comfort and safety, making it a perfect gear for low-key camping and outdoor activities. For $33.90 only, you could get yourself protection from the cold breeze of Autumn. It’s also meant to keep you dry from the heavy downpour of rain.

    Ultralight Rain Poncho Survival Shelter. This extra light portable poncho is a convenient gear for anyone looking for adventures even during the cold season. It’s made of soft, smooth, warm, sturdy, windproof, and waterproof materials. All these amazing features can be availed for only $29.90.
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