Onewind Underquilt Instruction and Q&A

Question: Is the underquilt easy to install?
1. Attach the carabiners and connect them to the hammock ends.
2. Adjust the line lock to adjust the length of the shock cords and create tension.
3. Place the underquilt under the hammock. The bottom of the hammock should be about 10cm above the bottom of the underquilt. Keep in mind that the goal in attaching the quilt is to have it suspended beneath the hammock with a very minimal air gap.
4. Adjust the suspension lines as needed and cinch up the end panels of the Underquilt as desired to control insulation and ventilation.
Question: I got the underquilt combo. But one side of blanket snaps are converted. Is it a defect?
We designed our blanket this way such that one side of the snaps is facing the underquilt while the other side's snaps face the opposite direction.

This is to ensure that you can use both products in warm and cold weather. So during warmer temperatures where you only need one layer of underquilt, you can just use the blanket as a top quilt or roll up your blanket.
Question: Which end is the foot end and which the head end?
The structure of the underquilt is the same at both ends but the carabiner colors are different so you can easily remember which color to use for the head and feet.
Question: What is the best way to store the hammock quilts?
One of the keys to the long life of quilts is proper storage. They should not be stored in a compressed manner.

Compression for a long time will reduce the resilience and warmth of the sleeping bag or quilts. Ideally, they should be stored in a large bag, laying flat or hung uncompressed.
Question: Can underquilt be washed in a washing machine?
Keeping your quilt clean is important.
Onewind Outdoor quilts are made of lightweight fabrics. so it's important to NOT wash this in top-loader washing machines as these are equipped with an agitator that can strain or rip seams.

Do NOT dry clean your quilts too as dry cleaning chemicals are often too harsh.

Our quilts may be machine washed in front-loading washing machines but use the gentle cycle, pre-soak, extra rinse, and spin dry cycles.
Question: How do you wash hammock underquilt?
Here are some reminders for washing your quilts.
1. Remove the shock cords before washing.
2. When taking out the quilt from the washer, place your hands under the quilt and lift it from the bottom. Do not grab the wet quilt from the top as the weight of the material may cause damage.
3. Do NOT use bleach or fabric softeners.
4. Do NOT use heat in drying the underquilt as it can damage the material. Try to hang dry or use a tumble dryer.
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