Onewind Hammock FAQs

Question: How big are Onewind hammocks?
Onewind has different sizes of double hammocks and single hammocks.
11' and 12' are the most popular gathering end hammocks.

Please view our website and choose the size that suits you.
Please make sure to check the spec page of the hammock you're interested in as each hammock is different.
Question: How to set up the tree straps correctly?
Hang your hammocks easily with these tips as a guide to ensure a solid setup.

1. Setting up the Single Layer Tree Straps
‒ Wrap the straps around the tree.
‒ Place the end with anchor points through the loop
‒ Pull the end with anchor points to tighten the straps and remember to insert the loose end of the tree straps into the elastic keeper.
Question: Which end is the foot end and which the head end?
When setting up your hammock, You will notice that one end of the ridgeline has tied to the hammock when it comes.

The other end is loose. You just put this end loop of the ridgeline around the end of the hammock.
Please refer to the picture.
Question: How to set up the hammock ridgeline
Hold outer cords of the ridgeline. And pull inner cords at the same end of the ridgeline

For more information please check the video.

Question: What's the length of Hammock Ridgeline
When you first start out, it can be hard to define exactly how far apart the ends of your hammock need to be.
Common length of the ridgeline is 83% of the total hammock bed length so an 11' hammock would need a 9'1.6" ridgeline.
However, sometimes you need to adjust the length of the ridgeline so that you will get a perfect amount of sag for you.
Question: How to lie to the hammock correctly?
After setting up the hammock. Make sure you spread the hammock fabric wide and sit in the center of the hammock bed.
Swing your legs in while using both hands to stabilize each side of the hammock so you can sit or lie safely.

Question: How to lie on the hammock comfortably?
The perferred sleeping method on a hammock is the diagonal lay
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