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      [Add Warmth] The Hammock winter sock helps warmth to a hammock camping by creating a micro-climate by reducing heat loss to air movement. Good hammock gear in the winter

      [Blocks Wind] The hammock wind protection blocks cold winds in the winter, very wind resistant, but is ventilated to reduce moisture buildup inside. Good choice for winter hammock camping

      [Lightweight and DWR Material] Made from DWR 1.1 oz ripstop nylon making it durable, breathable, wind-resistant,  protected from stains. Snow and light rain/mist will just bead up and roll off.

       [Small Packing Size and Light Weight]

      Size: 122"*43"           Package Size: 5.8" x 3.2"           Weight: 270g/9.5oz

      [Easy Setup] In less than one minute, the sock slides over the ridgeline and clinches at each end. (Need ridgeline on your hammock)