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      Onewind Hammock Winter Wind Sock

      Onewind Outdoors is a professional outdoor equipment brand. We specialize in designing and creating high-quality and lightweight camping products and outdoor gear to help you create a home wherever you are! 

      Onewind Hammock Winter Wind Sock

      All Weather Protection

      Keep your hammock protected from small rain, snow, dirt, and more when camping out doors with Onewind Windsock. It is designed like a large sleeve that wraps around your hammock and underquilt to block wind, snow, and even light rain. It's made from 1.1oz 20D Nylon Ripstop making it durable and breathable. 

      Warm and Comfortable

      Stay warm and comfy in your hammock during cold nights or adverse weather conditions. This hammock cover is wind-resistant so it blocks cold winds in the winter and helps protect camper from wind chill. It is also fully enclosed to add an extra layer of insulation while creating a micro-climate by trapping the heat inside the sock for the most ideal temperature. 

      Horizontal Dual Zip

      The knotless construction of this zipper windsock makes the setup very easy. Simply slide this sock over the ridgeline and cinch its drawstring on both ends for easy setup and adjust. Its horizontal zipper opening allows you to rest at ease in no time while the small mesh window prevents internal condensation from forming inside your hammock keeping your warm and cozy on cold nights. 

      Onewind Hammock Winter Wind Sock

      Lightweight and Compact

      Weighing only 14oz (400g), this sock can easily be packed and lugged inside your backpack. It measures 126"x50" (320cm*127cm) so it came easily protect your single or double hammock for up to 12' camping hammock.


      Combines the benefits of a hammock overcover and underquilt protector in one piece of gear. This zipper windsock is designed for the Onewind Zipper Hammock but is compatible with a wide range of hammocks for full protection against light rain and snow.