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Joe Rider


Innovative designs, great customer service. The hammock is top notch material with dyneema attachment points. Cinch buckles and storage bag were included. I have many products from them, the gear storage a strap set,bottom quilt, top blanket, all have performing well with no complaints... great value.

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Abbygaelle Moimeme


Love the onewind product I have a top quilt which turns into a poncho under layer. It keeps me warm not only when I go to sleep but while sitting around camp. Great quality, inexpensive and the shipping was fast. They take a camping and hiking seriously when they design their products. Also a very reasonable price. Will be ordering under quilt next.

onewind Customer 3 avatar

Jeffrey Baskins


Good company. I am a skeptical person, so I started slow with a Windsock purchase. Clever product, well made, time and weight saver, makes my hammock life better. Keeps wind from robbing all my heat, yet still is ventilated to prevent condensation. Takes my hammock to three full seasons, and I may buy a OneWind underquilt to use in winter, too!

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